The latin word Consilio means council or advice. We are a group of advisers who perform assignments for national and international businesses.

Consilio was established in 1995 with an idea about a strategic and comprehensive approach to communication. We are an independent communication agency that has no external owners. Consilio strives for long term customer relationships. Many of our customers have been with us for more than ten years, some have been with us from the beginning. This is something we are very proud of. Consilio have assignments all over Norway, we also have a global reach through our membership in IPREX.

Advertising, PR or social media?

Communication is a large field, and Consilio embraces this. We have a strategic and comprehensive approach to communication, and the customers goals determine whether a message should be distributed in paid, earned or owned channels—preferably in a combination of all three.


Best at everything?

No one is! The communication field is too broad for anyone to be best at everything. The field is also too broad for businesses to use specialized agencies for every task. We have gathered expertise within the fields of PR, advertising, social media, events, web, film, design and multimedia. We want our customers to feel that Consilio is a professional, competent and fun agency to work with. We enjoy challenging and professional clients because they are who makes us strive to always stay one step ahead.

Our employees are what makes us what we are. It´s important for us that they are in constant development and enjoy working here. When we recruit new employees, we look for people who will complement and complete our existing team. The people who work at Consilio are not just experts in their fields they are also very nice and sociable people.